Asian Massages: What is it all about?

The London Asian massage popularly known as erotic Asian massage, this kind of massage performed by an experienced masseur or masseuse by incorporating the massage techniques in a way such that it entices in a sensual or sexual manner, with the focus to achieve an orgasm while satisfying your senses and body.

It should not be confused with a sexual experience. Rather, it is considered as a sexual enlightenment to get rid of the stress in both genders. Adult massages existed since various civilizations and was particularly popular in Indian culture. With due course of time, it has spread across the world.

The massage therapist focuses on the entire body while performing an erotic massage and eventually, will start focusing on the zones that cause erotic sensation in the individual.

Asian massages can further be classified into different types, such as tantric massage, sensual massage and body to body massage, which differ based on how the client gets satisfaction due to the massage. Read on to know more about the different types of erotic massages available in London and what exactly is performed during each of the massages.

Tantric Massage

Also known as spiritual massage, tantric massage is spiritual and the principles are derived from philosophy. In this London tantric massage, the spiritual and physical energies are brought in harmony to achieve pleasure which is also know as a cloud nine experience. Initially, it involves deep breathing and rhythmic strokes, which increase gradually as the sexual libido of an individual keeps going up.
To increase the intensity of energy, repetitive phases are made use of, so that there is a euphoric feeling when one climaxes.
To perform tantric massage, a highly skilled and experienced masseur or masseuse is required so that spiritual calmness and physical satisfaction are achieved in sync.
In our tantric massage session, the idea is to seek enlightenment through freedom of expression without any inhibitions. To have a good trust level and no inhibitions, both the client and masseuse will be naked during the massage.

tantric massage London

Body To Body Massage

A body to body massage is similar to sensual massage and the only difference is that the masseuse will rub their body after applying oil, rubbing against the body of the client in a rhythmic manner until the client reaches an orgasm. By rubbing the bodies, the masseuse ensures that the client receives absolute satisfaction. (Four hands nude body to body massage available)

body to body massage London

Sensual Massage

London Sensual Asian massage is highly similar to Tantric Massage and the only aspect it differs in is that sensual massage focuses more on intimacy, sense of care and physical arousal and there is no ritual or spirituality involved in sensual massage. It is more of a physical experience and the purpose here is to achieve an orgasm by sensual touches.

Nuru Massage

Nuru in Japanese means slippery and this is precisely the technique used in a Nuru Massage. In this technique, colorless and slippery oil is applied on the body of the client so that there is no friction when the masseuse slides up and down the body of the client, in a way that is similar to London boy to body massage. (Nuru massage is also available for four hands massage)

In Nuru massage, the oil used is natural and is based of water that is subject to seaweed and it is not similar to the aromatic oil that is generally used in other massages.

nuru massage

Couples Erotic Asian Massage

A couples’ massage is meant for couples, as the name says. It is done in a studio where couples come together for a massage and they might either be massaged alongside each other by different masseurs or separately or even one after the other, based on the way the couples like.
The partners can also massage each other under the guidance of the masseuse after understanding what pleases them the most, so that the sexual fantasies are also fulfilled.
This is highly recommended among couples who wish to explore their sexual fantasies, as they can seek assistance from a therapist who would help them to know more about the pleasure points and sensuality.

couples massage

Prostate Massage

A massage that is exclusively based on the prostate gland of a man, which is pleasure intensive, the orgasm achieved in this massage techniques is different compared to the one achieved during sexual intercourse and gives a high level of satisfaction.

By doing this massage, the risks of prostate cancer, other sexual illness and pain due to prostate gland are all minimized.

The masseuses focus on this small gland on your body to give you an unparalleled level of pleasure.

The prostate massage is also known as men’s g-spot massage to some experts, because the men don’t have G-spot like women and does it means man can only have one kind of orgasm when women can have three kind of sexual orgasm? No, it is found that the stimulating of prostate will brings men very intense and different feeling of orgasm and pleasure…Visit Jasmin massage parlour at Shephred bush and find it out yourself!

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Full Service Massage

Our beautiful masseuse also provide very relaxing full service massage to discreet gentlemen, this kind of massage not only provide a very sensual happy ending , it is also an highly erotic girlfriend experience which will give you an unforgettable time in London.